Plants Are Friends

As I am dedicating Summer 2017 to earning money and not going as crazy in the travel department as I did last year, I have made the decision to dedicate the free time I have to exploring my own country. This far, I have planned only one (and a half) international trips. So, why not try … Continue Reading

Hey Jana, where’ve you been?!

I have been absent for a while and it’s about time that I explain myself. There is nothing major or overly dramatic going on. Life just got a bit hectic for a while. This blog, not having a certain impact on my future life, nor being my source of income, is sadly the first thing to … Continue Reading

Healthy Breakfast Recipe

Spring is upon us and along with it, the healthy diet craze. I have never been one for dieting, but I do enjoy trying new things at this time of the year. Recently, one of those new things has come in the form of a delicious breakfast combo. Since, you might want to start your … Continue Reading

Why It’s Ok To Want A “Summer Body”

A while ago, I wrote a blogpost on how I was planning on getting fit. Just like many others, I decided to set my mind on a “summer body”. And a lot of people were rightly disgusted by this expression. I was bombarded with comments and messages saying “You already are fit!” and “There is no … Continue Reading

Saving Nature with our Delicate Flowers | Menstrual Cups

Ooh. It’s finally time to talk vaginas on this blog. I have been wanting to touch on the subject of menstrual cups and other sustainable period products for a while now. But, this being a personal blog, I can’t talk about something I haven’t experienced myself. So, about two months ago, I purchased a menstrual cup. This … Continue Reading