21 years of age. How and when did that happen? I swear it was just yesterday me and my cousins were riding our bikes and climbing trees. How did I get to this point? And where has all the rest gone?

As I’m writing this, . I’ve just come home from a play by one of the best, if not the best, companies in Belgium. I drove there, met a friend and had a good time. ?ow, I’m sat in the living room. The rest has gone to sleep and I figured this is the perfect occasion to sneakily munch on some snacks meant for the guests of my party tomorrow. But don’t tell anybody that.
This might not seem like a lot or something exceptional. But exactly one year ago things were a lot different. I held a small party at my studio and cooked for a handful of friends. I did this because I wasn’t feeling well mentally and didn’t like to leave my safe place. I didn’t drive because two years prior I had been in an accident and couldn’t find the courage to climb behind the wheel. And on top of that, I felt everything I was slipping away. For two years I drowned myself in school work. Sometimes I got the grades I needed sometimes I didn’t.
Every year, right after my birthday, it was time to go home and start studying for the upcoming finals 
in May. Whereas every other year I would start this period with newfound energy to study, I couldn’t even look at my notes this time around. I lay in bed for days on end, told myself I was doing the work I needed to do and plainly waited for this time to end as I slept through most of it.
One year later, I picked myself back up again. Found my love for writing once more (and got to go to play because of it). I managed to keep my friends whilst following my own path and in my blog, I found a hobby to keep me up during the nights instead of making me sleep through the days. It’s now that I realize that things are really starting to fall into place.
I hope you are doing well. And if not, please keep going. Someday, eventually, things will turn out all right.
P.S.: At first I tried to take pictures with my two year old goddaughter Lune. Turns out, putting a toddler in front of a camera with three balloons to hold still isn’t the easiest thing to do.

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