For a while now we have been caking our complexions with makeup. Heavy duty primer, concealer and contour made their way onto our faces. It’s only recently that I have noticed those trends take a more subtle stand in our regimes. It seems like most of us have found a way to only use the methods our faces “need”, finding a personal combo with a special touch drawing all attention to it.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about letting your imagination run wild and taking part in the “full face of glitter” challenges. But, I’m happy to see that our close to drag queen faces seem to slowly become a thing of the past. I, myself prefer a more purist approach. So, when I saw brands and trends moving back towards fresh faces, it didn’t take me long to follow suit. This summer, I have worn very little makeup, if any at all.




When asked to go to a party, and wanting to do something special with my making without falling back into my cake face routine that I had gotten used to, I decided to get back with an old beauty fling of mine: the bold blue eye. This way, I could stay faithful to my fresh foundationless base and still look party worthy.

See, when most people think of colourful summer makeup, they think of warm orange toned eyeshadow like Urban Decay’s new Naked Heat palette. Me being a brown eyed girl, however, I don’t think those colours suit me as well as they do my blue eyed friends. So, I decided to swap the to around and finish of my warm toned eyes with a cool pop of color, instead of the other way around.

What do you think? Have you noticed a change in the way you apply your makeup? Let me know in the comments!



White Shirt – H&M

Denim Shorts – H&M

Sandals – & Other Stories

Yellow Bag – Zara

Blue Eye Pencil – Kiko Milano


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Je kan het erg goed hebben, dat blauw. Past zelfs nog bij je outfit ook!
Ik heb zelf ook bruine ogen en grijp voor de veiligheid meestal naar warmere bruin- en aardetinten. Ik zou ook eens wat meer moeten experimenteren…


Doen dat experimenteren. In het algemeen doe ik m’n makeup vaak hetzelfde, maar dat wordt zo repetitief. Dus af en toe probeer ik eens een gek kleurtje. Werkt het, super! Werkt het niet, dan komt het er toch ook zo weer van af. 🙂

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