Dear autumn, we’ve missed you. I’ve missed you. My makeup missed you. Welcome back, my love. You know autumn, I’m not going to keep this from you. I cheated a little bit. My berry lip saw the heath of summer and so did my warm eyeshadows. I know, I really messed things up. So, to make it up to you, I got you a little present. A customised eyeshadow trio. Just for you, Autumn.


I picked out a selection of three colours: a copper, a bright orange and an ash-taupe. Copper is probably the colour I tend to use most on my eyes. It fits my skintone perfectly and gives me that effortless sultry look my hooded eyes were designed for. Bright orange eyeshadow probably seems a bit daring, but it’s the perfect transitional crease color and infuses a little warmth in any look. And then there’s taupe. I’ve been relying on this shade as a crease color for six years now. Yes, the exact same pan. It very much needed to be replaced.



The eyeshadows are sheer, but buildable. You can either apply a wash of color with a fluffy brush, press on more pigment with a flat brush, apply the product with your fingers for even more color pay-off or you can go all out and use the eyeshadows wet for complete coverage.



After putting these shadow through some hard tests – I’m talking rain, teary eyes, putting in contacts  and removing said contacts – I can tell you that the eyeshadows stay put throughout the day. There is no fall down whatsoever. However, they do move around a little bit. It’s not super noticeable, but up close, you definitely are able to see some creasing.




Even though the packaging looks a bit cheap and plasticky, it feels sturdy. This is because the people at KIKO made some really great choices in choosing practicality over the feel of the material. The palette closes magnetically and there is a little mirror on the inside. One choice I do not understand, and never will, is why they decided to include a “brush”. Especially, since the palette is empty to begin with. Normally, when a company decides to include applicators, it is because those applicators work well with the product. So, it seems rather odd that they included an applicator whilst they didn’t know what products were going to be put in the palette.



High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow – € 6,90 ($ 9)
Shade Selection 03 Empty Eyeshadow Palette – € 5,90 ($ 6)
Total: € 26 ($ 33)

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