Skip feeling uncomfortable and out of shape in the gym and start your workouts at home. Build body confidence from your comfort zone and make your way to the gym when you are ready for some new challenges. I will upload three workout routines which gave me the confidence to head to a gym again. This week, we’re doing some core exercises!

‘Getting fit’ seems to be on many people’s to do-lists. Sadly, not many actually stick with their resolutions for too long. It’s easy to say that you’re going to go to the gym, but being the newly that you are, you can feel out of place quickly. You don’t know what you’re doing in this jungle of dumbells and crosstrainers. Getting fit, all of the sudden doesn’t outweigh how uncomfortable you feel on your way to becoming it.

You might remember that I made some very cliché fitness new years resolutions at the beginning of the year… And guess what? I managed to keep them! I made the mistake of heading directly to the gym before, and I knew that, in the shape I was in, I would feel comfortable. So, I took my first steps at home with these exercises.




Bleh, I absolutely hated this exercise! But, it is just as important as it is annoying so #womanup and let’s do this. To make the plank a bit more interesting, I like to do some variations. This is what I do:

  • 30″ normal plank
  • 2*20 dips to the side
  • 2*10 leg lifts on each side




  • 10* straight
  • 10* right hand to right ankle
  • 10* left hand to left ankle
  • 10* left hand to right knee
  • 10* right hand to left knee
  • 10* straight


Bicycle crunches

  • 2*20 switch every time


  • 2*20 straight




  • Lift shoulders
  • Lift Feet
  • Cross lift feet and shoulders



  • 2*10 leg lifts on each side

Knee elbow touches on hands and knees

  • 2*10 on each side



And you’re done! (Hopefully the gifs loaded alright. They were a pain to get up. :p)



Sports Bra – Primark

Leggings – Bershka

Shoes – Nike



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