Lately I have been trying to redefine my style. For the past few years I have been buying clothes that weren’t me. Every day, I feel like I can be myself more.

Even though, I was always convinced that I was one of the few who wore whatever she wanted whenever she wanted, I now see that I was very much influenced by negative feedback. And somehow, my closet ended up being this collection of clothes I didn’t choose because I loved them, but because they were not what other people perceived as unflattering or even ugly. (Does this make sense?)
I have always preferred monochrome over colorful clothes. And now the classic look is all the hype, I finally decided to go back to my blacks, whites and earthy tones. In addition, I am also checking out the capsule wardrobe concept. I have many beautiful special pieces hanging in my closet, but often I just can’t seem to combine them and make them into a coherent outfit. This is particularly annoying on those mornings I don’t know what to wear. So, I am looking for a compact wardrobe that is easy to choose from and defines me as a person. These are the first bits I got on my quest to the perfect classic monochrome wardrobe.


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