This past week, I have been staying in Bruxelles for a pretty amazing internship. I still have two weeks to go, but how I wish it could be more. I’m not only taking the first steps towards doing the thing that I love. The internship also got me back in a “big city”. A place that breathes culture and movement. A place where I feel at home.


Eversince I left Antwerp, where I went to uni for two years, I have missed living in a place like that. The small town I live in tends to make me feel claustrophobic. Everybody knows everybody, you are supposed to always smile, behave in a certain way and dress in a certain manner. Especially the latter makes me go insane on a regular basis.
Conclusion: I don’t like where I ive now, but there are places where I do love living. So, I guess I need to work out some kind of plan to make the longterm move once I graduate. Like my mom always says: ‘You can breathe in a big city’. And I don’t plan on suffocating my whole life.


Kimono – H&M
Blouse – Mango
Glasses – Mango
Jeans – Topshop Jamie
Shoes – Ken Shoes
Bag – River Island


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