Bralettes have been appearing more and more outside of the bedroom lately. They are no longer just a way of surprising your partner after a long day. but have become a sneaky way of spicing up a simple everyday outfit.

I choose to wear my simple black bralette with a high-waisted black maxi skirt and a cropped beige jean jacket. I loved the way both the black and beige complimented my freshly tanned skin. As I walked into town I almost felt like I was still roaming the streets of an old French town. But, alas, death stared from all the villagers. Fire and spikes at hand. How dare she?! Haha, no. It wasn’t that bad, but I did receive some funny looks.
It’s interesting to see how a piece of clothing, rather than a strip of skin, can prove this intriguing.
Are you fan of a more modest look or do you like to spice it up from time to time?



Jacket – unknown (It’s an oldie :p)
Nailpolish – Essie (Petal Pushers)

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