Shopping for glasses can be tricky. Especially when you are on a budget like I am. Hello student life. As we all know, heading to the internet for a cheaper alternative that still looks good, often works out. So, here is how and where to shop for glasses online.

This blogpost is in collaboration with the They offered me a pair of glasses in return for a review. To benefit you, I poured my experience with the company into this how to-guide.


This is the most important and the trickiest part of buying your glasses online. When you shop for glasses IRL, the people in the store will measure everything for you. However, when you’re buying glasses online, you might have to do this yourself. You can find how to do this online, but you have to be very precise. So, you can easily make mistakes.

I measured my PD (pupillary distance) myself and I don’t think that I did it exactly right. Because of this, the glasses gave me a slicht headache for about two days. In order to prevent this from happening, ask your optician to include all your measurements on your prescription.

Go for what suits you

Anyone who has ever shopped for glasses knows that you can’t just put any pair of glasses you like on and look good. Certain shaped glasses suit certain face shapes. So, figure out which glasses suit you. You can use the visual below to find out what model of glasses suits you best.

Will you receive a quality product?

Just like with any online purchase, it is often hard to predict of what quality your glasses are going to be. Because of this, it is extremely important to do your research. I was lucky to be send a pair, instead of having to put money towards glasses in the hopes that they would turn out al right. Luckily they did. I love the frame of the glasses. The temples are thin, which gives the glasses a minimal look, yet they aren’t fragile at all. The lenses are of good quality as well. I did have to get used to them since they are different from my other ones. But once my eyes adapted, I didn’t even notice them anymore.


If you are interested in a new pair of glasses online, maybe you are looking for a pair of prescription sunglasses for next summer, I  have a discount code for you. Use the code: GSHOT50 for 50% off on glasses and sunglasses with free lenses(sale frames excluded) on the

I hope you found this review/how to-guide helpful. I wanted to buy an extra pair of glasses for a while now. I’m so happy that my experience was a positive one. Have you ever bought glasses online? Where did you get them from and how was your experience? Let me know!


Glasses – Vegas Square (Black)


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