I have been in a bit of slump this week. There were days of studying, a serious lack of concentration and a disastrous exam as a result. The perfect occasion to cheer myself up with those boots I have had my eyes on since this fall. Hello black velvet over the knee boots!

The rest of the outfit is a pretty classic Jana ensemble though. I love myself a white shirt and that grey coat. Minimalism all the waay.. The tote, however, is back! I can’t remember when I last grabbed towards one of these. I think it must have been about two years (a.k.a. my years spend at the University of Antwerp).

I had absolutely had it with those beige ugly things. This one however represented my boot so accurately that I couldn’t help myself from wearing it. You might have noticed that I haven’t been uploading any new face photos on social media. Even bloggers don’t want to be on camera from time to time you know…


 Boots – KEN Shoes, Paparazzi

Blouse – Mango

Coat – Zara

Tote – River Island


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