At Home Workout Routine | Core

Skip feeling uncomfortable and out of shape in the gym and start your workouts at home. Build body confidence from your comfort zone and make your way to the gym when you are ready for some new challenges. I will upload three workout routines which gave me the confidence to head to a gym again. This … Continue Reading

The Importance of Taking a Break

Hello there, lovely people of the internet! You may have noticed my near absence lately. Don’t worry, I’m still alive over here. I just needed a little semi-break. I’m not very good at taking breaks. So, you know, baby steps.

I’m Going to Get Fit!

And I mean it this time. I have actually been at it for a few weeks now. But I try to avoid the resolutions cliché as best as I can, so let’s ignore that bit. I have been meaning to get fit again for a few years now. I used to work out a lot. … Continue Reading

A Gilmore Way of Life

If there ever was a character that represented me, it was Rory Gilmore. Even though I barely understood a word of the fast Gilmore Girls dialogue when I was young, there were a few things I had no problem understanding. The similarities were just too obvious. Just like my single mom, hers had dark hair, bright eyes and a … Continue Reading

What’s Underneath

I agree, boobies and mental health are a funny combination. But if you have read any of my OOTWs, you probably already know my metaphors can be a bit of a stretch. To be honest with you, the reason this is not an OOTW, is because I have been ill and therefore have been spending … Continue Reading