Vegan Pancakes | Recipe

Fall is in full swing and there is nothing I like more on a rainy fall day than a apple cinnamon snack. I also wasn’t going to let my new vegan diet stand in te way of my sweet tradition. So, I started looking up recipes and changed them up until I found, what I … Continue Reading

How To Vegan Protein | Purasana

I have been vegan for over a month now. However, one of the foods I found hardest to replace were my protein shakes. Plant based protein shakes tend to taste very dry and bitter. Having tried quite a few, and not wanting to spend another buck on a possible bad batch again, I contacted Purasana.

Healthy Breakfast Recipe

Spring is upon us and along with it, the healthy diet craze. I have never been one for dieting, but I do enjoy trying new things at this time of the year. Recently, one of those new things has come in the form of a delicious breakfast combo. Since, you might want to start your … Continue Reading