Normcore Uniforms | Identity Crisis Averted

According to some very fancy psychologists, millennials are going through an identity crisis as a result of our quickly changing world without the stereotypical role models. Are normcore, trends and the concept of millennials giving us our sense of belonging back?

The Grown Up Jelly Shoe | Creeper Sandals

  A series of exams, my new-found obsession with the Man Repeller and a serious case of retail therapy might have led to some new purchases. Say hi to these new babies: my very first pair of creeper sandals. They are white, loud and understated all at the same time. And yes, creeper sandals are pretty … Continue Reading

Ruffle Rumble | OOTW

This tomboy is making her way into girlines with this spring-summer trend: ruffles! I used to avoid ruffles like there was no tomorrow. An expression of disgust would adorn my face every time my mom would try to get me to put on a frilly ruffle-y dress. What can I say? I just have always … Continue Reading

The Side Split Blouse | TREND

Ever since this winter, the side split blouse has been appearing in stores left, right and center. Sadly, I haven’t seen them actually being worn too much. This isn’t too much of a surprise since it’s a lot different from last year’s crop tops and not the easiest piece to style. Want to know some … Continue Reading

The Neckerchief | Throwback Trend

Now we know the choker has made its way back to us from the nineties, but now its close relative has arrived as well. The neckerchief is back in all its glory. From the office to a festival, this accessory is fail-proof. Time to get sailor chic with this one. Ahoy captain.