When In Gran Canaria…

Earlier this month, my mother and I hopped on a plane to Gran Canaria. For six days, we explored the island, its food and relaxed until we could no more. These are the activities I found worthy of a try during my stay in this Spanish paradise. x ENJOY NATURE Gran Canaria is a beautiful place. It’s not … Continue Reading

Plants Are Friends

As I am dedicating Summer 2017 to earning money and not going as crazy in the travel department as I did last year, I have made the decision to dedicate the free time I have to exploring my own country. This far, I have planned only one (and a half) international trips. So, why not try … Continue Reading

Hey Jana, where’ve you been?!

I have been absent for a while and it’s about time that I explain myself. There is nothing major or overly dramatic going on. Life just got a bit hectic for a while. This blog, not having a certain impact on my future life, nor being my source of income, is sadly the first thing to … Continue Reading

The Importance of Taking a Break

Hello there, lovely people of the internet! You may have noticed my near absence lately. Don’t worry, I’m still alive over here. I just needed a little semi-break. I’m not very good at taking breaks. So, you know, baby steps.

My Experience with French Skincare

Consensus states that French skincare is the best skincare. True, Korean beauty is putting up a fight, but French skincare is still the classic to beat. No surprise, I wanted experience it for myself. Over the summer, I spend some time in France. I road tripped from the north to the south of France and … Continue Reading