How To Bullet Journal

Let’s talk bullet journals! They have been around for a year or two now. And they have intrigued me from the first time I saw one appear on my Pinterest feed. I never sat down to fill out my own though.  I’m a traditionalist and this new way of doing things just seemed a bit … Continue Reading

La Vie En Rose | OOTW

Let’s put on our rose coloured sunglasses for this week’s outfit, because I’m having the best summer you could possibly imagine. I have road tripped through France, I have visited many cities, I have just come back from my trip to London (where I bought this pretty dusky pink dress … and maybe some other … Continue Reading

May & June Favorites 2016 | VIDEO

It’s monthly favorites time! Since I have been going through finals and therefore I was living like a hermet in my room, I found it hard to get together my favourites. I just hadn’t been doing a whole lot of fun stuff. However, every so often, I did put myself through some retail therapy and … Continue Reading


Another month has passed and that means it’s monthly favorites time! I put together a little collection of my favorite things of this past April. Watch the video below to find out which bits and bobs I have been loving this month!


Lately, I have been in a Parisian phase and it has tripled down into my makeup and clothes. As I’m writing this, I’m in a striped shirt, wearing Chanel N°5 and browsing through ‘How to be Parisian Wherever You Are’. Time for an updated makeup routine that actually corresponds with my appearance. Click the video … Continue Reading