Today I was wandering around town, getting some fall/winter essentials I had run out of,… when I decided to stop by one of my old favorite coffee places. It is currently freezing in Belgium at the moment. And, don’t get me wrong, I love this kind of weather. But now and then you just have to escape it and warm up with a nice cup of basic bitch all-carameled-and-whipped-creamed-out coffee. So, I decided to revisit this old goldie where I used to pass my time during high school. (By this I mean before and after my high school classes. Stay in school kids!)

Anywaaaaay, I walked in and I could not believe my eyes. They put up Halloween decorations. And they went ALL THE WAY. I don’t know about you, but in Belgium, Halloween isn’t really a thing. We know what it is, and some might even know the history behind it from some English teacher that mentioned it once. But, overall, Halloween is not celebrated here. So when I walked in to see that somebody came to love this celebration as much as I have ,through this wonderful thing called the internet, everything in the world was just right. I mean, close your eyes and imagine this: you walk in and to your right there is a body hanging out of a body bag, the wall are covered in marks of bloody hands, a chair is replaced by some old wheelchair which looked like it came straight from the set of a horror movie, spider webs were covering the entire sealing, jars were filled with eyeballs, in the back there was a crib with chopped of alien heads,… It was amazing that, somehow, I didn’t feel weird or grossed out by eating and drinking while being surrounded by so many decorative intestines and bugs. Neither did the other customers by the way.
So, I drank up my cup of basic bitch all-carameled-and-whipped-creamed-out coffee and got on with my life! However, I think it’s needless to say, this oldie found its way back into my current favorites and I will be going back plenty of times in the future.
Tell me, do you guys celebrate Halloween? And do your shops/cafes/restaurants go as crazy as this one? Let me know in the comments!

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