Temperatures are slowly inclining, so let’s have another look at the beauty trends to come this spring and summer. In this post I show you the color blocked lip trend. The trend was first seen on the Cushnie et Ochs runway during New York Fashion Week. Ever since, the trends has popped up here and there on Instagram and Pinterest. Is anyone even surprised by this? Look at it!

The new twist on an otherwise classic red lip isn’t just beautiful, it’s flattering as well. The dark upper lip appears bigger, which is a treat we all strive for. The flashy bottom lip also pulls it’s weight by capturing the admirer’s attention and not giving it up before sparking interest.

How To

This look isn’t as much difficult as it is annoying to achieve. You just apply two different shades of lipstick on your lips. One on the upper, one on the lower. I personally prefer to apply a darker color on the upper lip and a more vibrant lipstick on the lower. You might want to change this up according to your lips shape. Just make sure not to rub your lips together as long as the product is drying. Once the color is set, you can just carry on your day as usual. After a while the two colours will blend into each other and create a pretty gradient.



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