Hey there! Time for a long awaited OOTW. This week we are taking a look at this spring’s biggest trend. And it’s a shocker. Say hi to florals. Groundbreaking, right? I can just feel Miranda from the Devil Wears Prada revolt at the sheer thought of the cliché. And, I’m not going to lie, I was with her for quite a while.

We could see the flower bomb coming from a mile away. It started with the Gucci bags last spring. Florals slowly made their way into Zara’s winter collection and here we are now, frolicking through flowery gardens made of blouses and patched up jeans.

Like with all trends, the cliché turned into an even bigger one as everyone adapted the trend in the exact same ways. Jeans, bags and striped blouses were ruined by flowery patches everywhere we looked. It was like watching a fashion tragedy unfold and fate hit with the sight of a thousand dying roses.

No one lived to tell the story of the hopeful years that proceeded the downfall. Oh wait, there is me! Haha, no, I’m exaggerating, but it was nice to have a few years without the expected flowers in store everywhere.

However, now we had a little break, florals for spring somehow feels like a fresh new idea. Something so obvious and forbidden that it becomes new and exiting again. And, once I saw a few stores and online badasses adapt the trend in original creative ways, I felt tempted to put my own spin on it.

So here it is, florals for spring with a lioness vibe and a vibrant purple lipstick to complete the look.



Blouse – H&M

Skirt – River Island

Shoes – River Island

Rings – Twice as Nice

Lipstick – NYX Cosmetics



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I’m always amazed about how clothing looks completely different on each and every single one of us. When I saw this image on your Instagram I was like OMG #goals, but the thing is if I would wear that myself I’d look like a I’m wearing a curtain XD I prefer play it safe with a pair of jeans and a white/nude/grey shirt. Xxx <3


I’m sure you can pull a look like this of! I usually wear more “basic” outfits as well. Black pants, white shirt,… I have only recently started wearing some bolder pieces again. 🙂

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