I’ve been all about my fringes this week. Fringes on my shoes, fringes on my jacket. Yes, please! My obsession with fringes started this past fall when they were all that. I am aware that they have past a bit by now, but when I saw these items in the sales, I couldn’t help but get them anyway. Let’s have a look at this week’s outfit!


This week, in general, I have actually been rolled up in a ball, trying to get over a horrible stumach/esophagus infection. Sweats all the waayyyy. But whenever I felt good enough and it wasn’t pouring down with rain, I wore this suede fringe jacket and my white fringy shoes.
My favorite part of the jacket is definitely the back. I love how the fringes do a little dance whenever I move. I paired the jacket with either a simple white blouse or a simple grey top. The outfit just had enough going for it as it was. There was no need to make it messy with crazy layers or accessories.
Also, let’s adress the cowboy vibe for a moment. Are you into it? Because I am. Howdy, sister!
Now, let’s have a look at the details. Whenever I have been popping out to see some friends and family, I have been grabbing this little satchel from River Island. I have had it for a few years now and it’s still my trusty partner in crime. It’s also a great option until I can afford to upgrade to a… idk, Chanel bag.
My vintagy watch with a brown leather strap has been gracing my wrist. I should really set the time to summer time though.
And lastly, my beautiful white fringy shoes. I don’t think I have ever owned a pair of shoes that I’ve received this many complements on. Not only friends and colleagues, but strangers on the subway, as well, have stopped to tell me how amazing they look and asked me where to get them. I’m happy to tell you they are from the brand Tango shoes and for the Belgians out there, you can get them in Bent shoes. You’re welcome!


Jacket – Pull & Bear
Top – Hema
Pants – Levi’s
Shoes – Tango shoes (Bent)
Bag – River Island
Watch – local market

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