I have been absent for a while and it’s about time that I explain myself. There is nothing major or overly dramatic going on. Life just got a bit hectic for a while. This blog, not having a certain impact on my future life, nor being my source of income, is sadly the first thing to go.

Firstly, I attended the Cannes Film Festival. Four days in a row, I was surrounded by fellow journalists, movie stars, photographers and friends and attended more movie premiers than I can comprehend. I got a taste of a career that I can hopefully build for myself one day. Also, Neil Gaiman was there. I saw Nail fl*pp’n Gaiman! I’m fine tho..

Sadly, I came back from Cannes very sick. I had to spend a week in bed, smack in the middle of paper and portfolio season. However, after a few weeks of catching up on work and studying for finals, I ended up with pretty good results. Ha! I haven’t gotten any back yet, but I have a pretty good feeling. Fingers crossed!

I also managed to land one of my first choice internships for next year. For now, I’m still keeping my options open. So, I’m keeping my lips sealed, but good god am I excited for next year. Let Summer ’17 begin!



White off the shoulder top – H&M

Silver asymmetrical skirt – Zara

White fringe shoes – Tango Shoes

Bag – River Island


Black heeled sandals – Primark

Necklace – Twice as Nice

Sunglasses – Ali Express

Pink dress – Primark



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Life alllways comes first! And looks life you’ve been taking much more than baby steps, Jana! Exciting! 🙂

Best of luck! I’ll see the blogposts when they pop up in my Bloglovin’.


Ik vind het nog steeds ontzettend vet dat je het Cannes Film Festival meegemaakt hebt! Gefeliciteerd met je stageplek!

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