After a long summer of hours upon hours of working, my summer break is slowly coming to an end. My bullet journal is being prepped, a new notebook has been bought and I am now eagerly awaiting my very last class schedule of my academic career. Contrary to what some people think, I feel pretty rested. And I think I know why. I -may have- nailed self care!

Self care and taking time for myself do not come easy to me. I am a very performance-oriented person. If there is nothing to gain, I am not up for it. Anything I do asides from working towards my goals in life, tends to make me feel guilty. It makes me feel like I have waisted valuable time on something that wasn’t worth it. This drive and determination are one of my greatest qualities. They push me to reach for things others have never even thought of, but they tend to be my downfall as well. Because, all the other stuff, the stuff that doesn’t directly amount to anything, that stuff does matter and they should be prioritised.




I push until I have nothing left to give. Last school year, I didn’t give myself the time and space to distance myself from my work and it very nearly went completely wrong. Projects, that I was so excited about at the start of the year, felt like huge chores by the end of it. I wouldn’t even have finished them if it wasn’t for the grades. Something had to change. How did I start to hate the things that I had always loved doing? Storytelling, making images and videos came so natural to me before.

And so, I shifted my attention from my goals to my growth.  I can just hear 16 y/o Miley Cyrus start belting out The Climb in my head. She was right though, little long haired boot cut jeans Miley. It IS the Climb. Who cares if I ever become the editor in chief of some fashion magazine if I have spend 20 years in absolute misery trying to get to that position? If it is meant to happen, it will happen. It won’t however when I am constantly running on half empty with others passing me by.

I shifted my attention from

my goals to my growth.

My self care reboot started with my bullet journal. Instead of just having a log full of goals and deadlines at the beginning of each month, I decided to dedicate just as much space to what I want to be doing aside from my professional goals. This way, I prioritise other passions and let those guide me.  For instance, I started doing yoga again, draw a bit every day and broaden my views on the world by listening to a podcast or two. These don’t necessarily amount to any goal or achievement, but they do inspire my work and creations.

What do you do to unwind and take care of yourself? Teach me your wicked ways!



Jeans – Think Twice (Frisco)

Bralette – H&M

Cardigan – Subdued

Rings – Twice as Nice

Bullet Journal – Moleskin



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Yes you go girl!!! So proud of you ❤️


Dank u, meid 🙂

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