It’s less than a week until Christmas and my Christmas obsessed brain is freaking out whether or not I have done everything possible to enjoy this festive period to the fullest. So like the Christmas freak I am, I made a list of all the things I find vital for experiencing all the Christmassy goodness.

It goes without saying that you have to set the scene first. So throw on your favorite Christmas sweater, apply a beautiful berry lip, put up you Christmas tree and use ALL the fairy lights!

Christmas Baking

Ah…there is nothing better than baking Christmas cookies with family or friends. This year I baked a bunch with one of my old high school friends and we had a little chat whilst eating/decorating cookies. We had so much fun catching up and the smell of freshly baked cookies is just the absolute best thing ever.

Cozy Times

This is just something I like to make time for every evening. After a long tiring year I think it’s oh so important to give yourself some time to relax with a warm blanket, a cup of tea and watch a movie or pick up that book you haven’t had the time for in the past year.


Feel Good (Christmas) Music

Aside from listening to all the Christmas classics, such as Michel Bublé, Wham!, Mariah Carey, Pentatonix and even a cheeky Justin Bieber, I have I added a few new ones to my playlist. Among these are the soundtracks from the movie Begin Again and pretty much every Tom Rosenthal song.

Christmas Market

Let’s be honest, the Christmas market is pretty much the commercialization of Christmas concentrated in about a square kilometer. But there is no denying that the food and glüwein are amazing. It’s a place to bump in to old friends, have a little chat and amaze everyone with your ice-skating skills…or maybe not that one :p.



If you don’t know what vlogmas is, it’s when people vlog every day of December up until Christmas. I have been watching people prepare for Christmas and enjoy all the Christmassy goodness for a few years now and this year I decided to join the fun. I have been documenting my festive road to Christmas and I am proud to say that I have only missed one day (due to sickness). So, if you feel like watching those videos just scroll on down or click on the playlist in the sidebar of my blog!
What do you like to do in the weeks leading up to Christmas? Do you have any traditions?

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