I have been vegan for over a month now. However, one of the foods I found hardest to replace were my protein shakes. Plant based protein shakes tend to taste very dry and bitter. Having tried quite a few, and not wanting to spend another buck on a possible bad batch again, I contacted Purasana.

I already used Purasana’s Green Mix in my smoothies and was willing to try more of their products. I told them about my difficulties to find a good protein shake and they decided to send my a few of their products that are high in protein to try out. This is a review of those products and an explanation of how I enjoy using them the most.





Just like the other alternatives I had tried, I did not enjoy the taste of the shakes when they were simply mixed with water or (soy)milk. Ha! It seems like nothing can be straight forward when you are on a vegan diet. So, I looked for different ways of using the products.

Vegan Protein Shake – Chocolate 

I was most excited about the chocolate flavoured protein shake. It is the product that most resembled my old (non-vegan) shakes. Sadly, the chocolate flavour wasn’t very prominent. I also found that the advised amount of powder was too much, which made the texture of the drink a bit dry. So, I made myself a new batch with less protein powder and was pleasantly surprised by how much better it already was. But, what really made me fall in love with this shake was using half chocolate flavoured soy milk and half some other milk substitute. Yuuum!!



Organic Mix – Vegan Protein – Açai & Berries

Where, I mix the chocolate flavoured shake with chocolate soy milk, I mix the Açai & Berries Organic Mix with a berrie smoothie. Because, again with this powder, I did not enjoy it by itself. The taste was very weak and sweet. Purasana advises to mix it with juice. I just decided to add some bananas, apples and a frozen berry mix to make things more interesting and filling.

Hemp Powder

Last, but not least, is my favourite way of inserting extra protein in my diet: hemp seeds! Because hemp seeds are pretty much flavorless, they can be put in about anything. I add them to my smoothies, oatmeal, soups,… In the picture below, I added hemp powder to my green smoothie along with Purasana’s Green Mix. This is a mix that is full of anything a vegan can basically miss by not eating meat. (Let me know if you want some smoothie recipes!)


As a newby vegan, one of the questions I get asked most often is where I get my protein from. After a lot of research I found that vegans never really are protein deficient since protein is in EVERYTHING. Also in plant based foods. So, it is a common misconception that only animal products contain enough protein to live from.

It is true that when transitioning to a vegan diet, people often don’t get all the nutrients they need. This is normal since you have to learn everything dietary from scratch. However, new vegans are rarely protein deficient. This is because we don’t need as much protein as we think, and when eating right, we can get more than enough protein from a plant based diet. I just enjoy taking extra protein because I love to work out and have an extremely high metabolism, which means I burn through anything I eat really quickly.



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Wat een prachtig figuur heb jij toch. Fijn dat je een goede vegan vervanger voor je shakes gevonden hebt.

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