And I mean it this time. I have actually been at it for a few weeks now. But I try to avoid the resolutions cliché as best as I can, so let’s ignore that bit. I have been meaning to get fit again for a few years now. I used to work out a lot. And I mean a lot. I still don’t understand how I didn’t do anything fitness wise for such a long time.

Of course, I won’t be getting up before school for an hour and a half practice any time soon, but I do want to spend more time taking care of my body. For now, this means simple exercises to strengthen my, which was the reason of me quitting sports in the first place. And, let’s be honest, I want to be butt goals by the summer, so all the squats plz. In addition, I’m doing something about those freakishly skinny arms.

Most importantly, I’m improving my health and fitness. Self-care galore! Let’s see how it goes! I’m already researching white beaches, blue seas and cute new swimwear for the summer.


Bra – Forever 21

Yoga pants – H&M


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Succes! Ik moet ook dringend terug gaan fitnessen… Ik heb een abo, maar ben al schandálig lang niet meer geweest… #geldverspilling


Ja, dat ken ik! Vandaar dat ik voorlopig thuis wat oefeningen doe met kleine gewichtjes. Een bodybuilder word ik toch nooit! :p Dan moet ik me ook niet helemaal naar de fitness te verplaatsen.

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