I’ve been getting a lot of complements on my makeup lately. Especially on my “bone structure”. Now, being a beauty blogger, I think it’s only fair to finally reveal my little secret: I have finally jumped on the bandwagon and got myself a cream contour. And I have got some thoughts about it. So, let’s have a look at the NYX Wonder Stick.

I’m not new to contouring. I have been defining my cheekbones and warming up the side of my forehead for quite a while now. But I have never made the step to the heavier stuf thinking it would look unnatural and, therefore, unwearable. I couldn’t be more wrong.
The contour I went for is the Wonder Stick by NYX. It’s a creamy contour in stick form. One end is a contour. The other end is a creamy non-shimmering highlight. I went for the lightest colour, 1 Light/Medium. Even though I don’t have the lightest skin tone, I found this contour was the best, being not too dark and cool toned.
I tend to apply the contour in the usual way (a three shaped figure starting from my forehead, then lining my cheekbones and ending along my jaw). I, then, blend out the product with a dens brush – Sculpting brush by Real Techniques. I find the product really easy to work with. Because of its creaminess, it blends easily and disappears into the skin in no time leaving a slight natural shadow.
So, contour: damn good! But what about the highlight? Well… not so good to be honest. Kinda of bad, really. And the worst thing is, the shopping assistent in store told me straight up to use the contour side and ignore the highlight. No worries, I did give it a good try for this review.
The highlight is super greasy, very streaky and just plain sh*t. Where a highlight is supposed to lighten and conceal a certain area, this product makes it look blotchy and obvious. After a few days of wearing the product, my skin also started to suffer. My pores clogged and I even got a few spots. This is when I stopped wearing the highlight. (I was planning to try it for a week.)



– Creamy
– Blendable
– Cool toned


– Greasy
– Difficult to blend
– Good tone
– Bad for skin

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