Let’s put on our rose coloured sunglasses for this week’s outfit, because I’m having the best summer you could possibly imagine. I have road tripped through France, I have visited many cities, I have just come back from my trip to London (where I bought this pretty dusky pink dress … and maybe some other bits as well) and soon I’ll be off to Paris! But first, let’s have a look at this week’s outfit!

The outfit I have been loving this week consists mainly out of this beautiful rose dress. It’s super flowy, which was perfect for the hot London shopping days. Its bare shoulder turn this easy-to-wear dress into a flâneuse’s dream. Believe me when I say I had every body fooled I was a city girl. Until, of course, I had to walk, talk or do anything apart from sitting on a bench and look pretty.
Since I’m not a “girly-girl”, wearing a pair af heels or even sandals with this dress, just didn’t feel right. Instead, I went for my pair of smart white shoes. They truly have become a staple in my wardrobe. Returning readers might have noticed that I’m wearing these babies in pretty much all my latest outfit posts.
Makeup wise, I have been loving NYX’s Liquide Suede lipstick in Vintage/Rétro. It’s a stunning old dark rose and it compliments this dress perfectly. (I am not sponsored by NYX. I genuinely just love their products and have a little bit of an obsession going on at the moment.)

If you want to see more af this look, you can watch this video. I took an alternative approach to the basic makeup and hair tutorial and I’m quite happy with the result.


Dress – H&M

Satchel – River Island

Shoes – Tango Shoes

Watch – Local market

Lipstick – NYX Liquid Suede


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