Although I usually try to express myself with a well put together ensemble of clothes, some things are better said with words. Words don’t tend to be misunderstood as often as a pair of boyfriend jeans or mismatched fabrics. So for this OOTW, let’s talk about life through clothes instead of clothes through life.

As the spring collections start to appear in the stores, I noticed an old unwanted guest had somehow slipped into the shipments of clothes before dispatch. You couldn’t have possibly let me enjoy this spring and summer’s mesh drenched collections without a bit of critique, could you? So, as I wrestle my way out of these stifling winter sweaters, I greet you, slut shamers.

To the people who don’t know me outside of the blogger world, I should probably give you a little character reference: I am someone who misses the “What will the people think-freakout”-gene. I tend to be too honest, too straight forward and even though, I’m often well dressed, I tend to provoke people with my clothes whenever I can. Life inside the comfort zone isn’t something I like getting used to.

I’ll have to find a kinder more anti-feminist way of saying: “I’m starting to love my body again.”

With that in mind, I understand that people are going to look at me differently from time to time. And that is alright. You like to live in the past. Good for you. Watch out for that little german guy with the moustache, though. He’s up to no good.

The thing I can’t understand, however, is how people, who I have known for years, or even my entire live, can change their mind about me through one piece of clothing. Was my bralette offending you? Did you not like the tone of voice I used in my fitness update? I guess I’ll have to find a kinder more anti-feminist way of saying: “I’m starting to love my body again.”

Happy Sunday.



Top – Bershka

Bralette – H&m

Leather jacket – JBC

Boyfriend jeans – H&M


Hat – H&M

Lipstick – NYX

Glasses – Hema

Rings – Twice as Nice


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Love love love it!!! ?


Thaaanks! 🙂


I absolutely love this <3




En terecht! Draag wat je wil en wees lief voor je lichaam!


Jazeker! 🙂

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