The world of makeup is a wonderful place. Nonetheless, it can be overwhelming when you’re entering it for the first time. I’m here to make the transition a little bit easier and help you get on your way. I will be talking about the essential makeup items. These are the easiest products to get started with and will help you achieve a fresh face throughout the ages to come.


1 brow pencil/gel
1 mascara
1 concealer

2 lipsticks (1 nude – 1 red)


Cover up

Let’s start with the imperfections since this is a reason for a lot of people to go for makeup in the first place. The thing with imperfections (pimples, redness, etc.) is that less is definitely more. If you are having a lot of trouble with spots it is actually better to not use too many chemicals on them and just let them breathe and heal. But since that can have a huge impact on your confidence, I would recommend using a concealer in the same color of your skin and not use a heavy foundation until you’ve regained control of your skin. Concealer is a lot more subtle than foundation so, it doesn’t put even more attention to the imperfections on your face whereas foundation may do that sometime.
Concealer is also amazing to brighten up your under eye area. For this, use a concealer that is lighter than your skin and preferably moisturizing. I like Maybelline’s Dream Lumi Touch for this in the shade 02 Nude Nude.


Your brows are the frame to your face so show them some love and fill them in with an eyebrow pencil. Make sure the pencil you use is cool toned though. Especially you blonde girls. Otherwise they might appear a bit orange and we wouldn’t want that.
If you have somewhat unmageable brows like me and they like to point in all kinds of diiferent directions, it might be a good idea to use a brow gel or a brow mascara. I like to opt for a brow mascara since it gives your brows a hint of extra color as well as keep them in place. The product I use for this is Maybelline’s Brow Drama in Medium Brown. Read about my brow routine here.


Mascara. The makeup product among makeup products. The ‘I can’t live without’ beauty item of many of the great makeup artist. So simple, but oh so powerful. If you get any product of this makeup starter kit, let it be mascara. It’s easy, quick and it makes a huge difference. It opens up your eyes and makes you look more awake. – I’m talking 3 hours more sleep. – If you are only just starting out with makeup and want something subtle, you might want to opt for a brown one, but otherwise I would recommend a black waterproof mascara.


For lips, there are endless possibilities. Glosses are probably the easiest to start out with, but since I kept all the rest quite basic, I decided to give you some more interesting options. I generally have two lipsticks with me at all time. A nude one and a red or dark one. That way, depending on how I’m feeling, I can change things up a little. Drugstore wise, I would recommend the Rimmel and Maybelline lipsticks as well as the rouge edition velvet ones from Bourjois. My favorite dark lipsticks are Divine Wine from Maybelline (which is a cult fave btw), Rimmel 107 and Berry Much from Maybelline. My favorite nude lipstick, you can read about here.

But what about eyeshadow…?

Once you have gotten the hang of things, you probably will want to get into the more fun and expressive stuff. After lipstick, eyeshadow is usually the next step to take. For this, I would recommend a cream eyeshadow to start off. I love the Maybelline Color Tattooones, but the ones in stick form are more versatile. This is because you can use them as eyeshadow as well as a subtle eyeliner.
I hope I was able to help you out. If you still have questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

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