I have always been a minimalist. Not because It’s not that I want to be part of this hype, I just have never been a big spender. This means that I, fashion wise, would rather invest in timeless basics than the ever changing trends. But, even I have to admit, trends can be fun and exciting. At the moment, the trend envy is REAL.

Mentally, I can put things in perspective pretty easily. I now that those Michelin coats and baker boy hats will disappear to the bottoms of everyone’s closet before winter even starts. Never to be seen again, forever lost in the never ending cycle of fast fashion.┬áBut my heart still desires these items whenever I scroll through my Instagram feed. Well, maybe not the baker boy hats, those should have never been taken from those little baker boys. What is wrong with you people? Didn’t you realise how silly they looked the first time around?

This dilemma then leads straight to another one: Do I want to follow these trends to belong with my peers or do I want to keep exploring my own style and what looks good on my body? Also, when did I start caring about what people think of the way I dress myself? Have I lost my lady balls?



Body – H&M

Skirt – H&m

Jacket – Vero Moda

Shoes – Converse

Handbag – Zara

Glasses – Ali Express


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