Today, I bought myself a white lipstick. It was part of a halloween range and I got all excited. It was new, it had a cool name and sleep deprived me just had to get it. Now, after one or two coffees and a bowl of Chinese food, I realise that I might have made my biggest beauty mistake yet. It’s the perfect occasion to look back on all the beauty mistakes I have made in the past.

1. Using concealer as a foundation

To be honest, I still wear only concealer from time to time to cover up blemishes and the bags under my eyes. However, what I used to do is put concealer, that was designed to dry out spots, all over my face. Combine this with a daily dose of chlorine from the swimming pool and using absolutely no moisturisers and you get the driest skin known to mankind. It wasn’t pretty.

2. Sleeping in my makeup

We all do this from time to time and, to be honest, we will probably keep doing this. However, It’s so important to go to bed with a clean face. So, get back up and go wash your face!

3. Thinking it was cool to have panda eyes after swimming

I used to be a swimmer from primary school all the way through high school. At some point my little undeveloped brain saw the bigger girls with their panda eyes after practice and thought ‘THIS IS AMAZING! They are older and so they MUST be cool.’ Hahahaha no, Jana. No.

4. Only wearing black eyeliner in my bottom waterline

Do you remember the pig’s eyes trend? Why did nobody stop us? Thank God that’s in the past. Bye, 2000s. Let’s never meet again.

5. Using waterproof eye makeup remover for my entire face

This was obviously in the dry skin fase. The products were way to harsh for my skin. even though I still use some of them now, I only use them when I have worn waterproof makeup and there is absolutely no other way of getting the makeup off. Lesson learned.What were your biggest beauty mistakes? Let me know in the comments below!

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