Consensus states that French skincare is the best skincare. True, Korean beauty is putting up a fight, but French skincare is still the classic to beat. No surprise, I wanted experience it for myself.
Over the summer, I spend some time in France. I road tripped from the north to the south of France and I stayed in Paris for a few days. So, there was no way I wasn’t going to take advantage of my time there and find out what all the skincare fuss was about. So, I did my research and found out what the staple  French/Parisian skincare product were.

Bioderma Micellar Water

The first product I got my hands on was the Bioderma micellar water. It was the first of many and it seems to be popular just for being the first. Some claim that it’s easier on the skin or that it removes makeup better than any others, but I just don’t think that is the case. It is more expensive than any others and that’s about it.

I have been using the Garnier micellar water for over a year now and I won’t stop doing so after trying the Bioderma one. Let’s compare! I found the Bioderma micellar water extremely similar on my skin. It wasn’t more gentle or cleaned my face better. It did however sting my eyes a lot more. This is where I feel the product failed. If you are going to ask more than double the price for a product that has many dupes, I at least expect higher quality.


Next on my list were the Avène skin products, in particular their moisturisers. Avène’s products are based on Avène spring water. The water has a long history of healing skin irritations, burns and so on.  Over time it evolved into a french girl’s skincare secret. The brand’s range is now one of the best, and cheapest, international skincare ranges. It’s what beauticians carry in their pro kit and what supermodels have with them wherever they travel to. Since using Avène, it has eliminated all redness in my skin.

Since I have dry skin, especially in fall/winter, I was keen on trying their highly moisturising day cream. Highly moisturising moisturisers can sometimes leave an annoying residue which flakes off when using foundation or other beauty products on top of the moisturiser. This was not the case with Avène’s Hydrance Optimal.


Lastly, I tried Caudalie. Caudalie is a skincare brand that is available in many countries, but it finds its origin in France. This is perfect since it has the amazing effects of french skincare and is pretty much available wherever you find yourself.

Caudalie’s most popular skincare product is their beauty elixer. The elixer was based on the youth enhancing elixer of queen Isabelle of Hungary. It’s a skincare product as well as a setting spray for makeup. It reduces fine lines, pores and gives you a glowing complexion.

I use this product in the morning for a bit of extra moisture. I find that the more heavy duty moisturising mists and oils take to long to be absorbed by my skin. Because of this, it’s difficult to apply makeup right after. I haven’t noticed any other big changes or perks though. My skin has been amazing since using this, but I started using the Avène moisturiser and some other skincare products at the same time. So, it’s hard to tell.


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