There aren’t many things or places or … anything really that I can manage to keep organized. BUT. I seem to have figured out a way to keep my handbag all nice and tidy. You thought that wasn’t possible huh? Well, Watch me! Because I discovered the secret of all secrets.

It’s not that hard really. Just like with any other organizational way of doing thing, everything needs its own place. Or, in my case, pouch. I have about three different little bags ranging from little to big and from super important to nice to have around.
When I don’t need much. For example when I go out or when I need to quickly jump in the car to collect someone or something, I take my little satchel. In it I put my bare necessities: wallet, phone, keys and a lipstick.
When I know I’ll be gone for a few hours, I take a medium size bag with me. In this one, I put my wallet, phone and keys along with a little pencil case in which I put two lipsticks, a nude and a dark one. I also take a slightly bigger pouch with me and put all the little bits and bobs that’ll come in handy during the day such as tissues, painkillers, lip balm, bobby pins, something to clean my glasses and so on.

Whenever I’ll go on a day’s trip and will be spending quite a while commuting I’ll probably take the same bag with me and throw a book, a phone charger, my planner, something to make notes and my coffee flask.

That’s it. My little bag of bags! For some this might seem like a lot to go through just to organize your bits and bobs. But if you are like me and tend to want to take your entire household with you every time you leave the house, this might be a way to keep track of things a bit better. It sure seems to work for me.



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