It’s a well-known fact that I’m a sucker for a good cream eyeshadow, preferably in stick form. I’m just not a morning person. So I can’t be bothered with putting a lot of time into my makeup on the early mornings. In February, I reviewed the Rimmel Magnifeyes eyeshadow stick, and I still love that one, but I lately I have been loving a more minimal and simple look and the Rimmel one is quite full on. So, I decided to branch out and try the new Essence 2-in-1 eyeshadow & liner sticks.

I tried the shade 06 – She’s got the mauve. It’s a subtle shimmery shade. The product accentuates the eyes just enough without being too heavy and distracting. I also used this stick in my spring makeup tutorial. Feel free to watch that here.

I love an eyeshadow stick in the morning. It’s easy and quick to apply. I just smear it on my moving eyelid, straight from the bullet and close to my lash line. The product is super creamy so, I then simply blend it out with my ring finger. You do have to work quickly, because once it sets there is no moving it.
Essence 2-in-1 Eye Shadow & Liner – She’s got the mauve (06)

Even though I love this eyeshadow stick and it definitely is up there with the Rimmel ones, it has some downsides. A major negative is the packaging. In particular the lid. It does not click one and it’s not tight enough to stay closed on its own. So when I threw this stick in my bag to get ready on my way to school, it came off and the lining of my bag turned a shimmery mauve. Not so great.

Another, minor, downside is that it’s a bit sticky on the lids. It doesn’t bother me, but it might annoy some people.


Easy to blend
Long lasting
Loose lid
Little bit sticky

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