According to some very fancy psychologists, millennials are going through an identity crisis as a result of our quickly changing world without the stereotypical role models. Are normcore, trends and the concept of millennials giving us our sense of belonging back?

A few years ago, normcore entered the fashion scene. It was a way of standing out by blending in so much that it became unusual. I’m always interested to see how trends evolve. Partly because they often reflect a change in society and partly because I have a great fear of being the same as everybody else. But let’s get back to the society thing.

The stereotypical role models are disappearing (you know the wife in the kitchen and husband learning his father’s trade kinda thing). Our identity is largely determined by our surroundings. Now those  surroundings are changing constantly, our identities are made up of all these loose parts being replaced constantly. It has become more difficult to pin down who we are and where we belong in this online globalized world. Some kind of counter reaction seems to have developed though. Trends are tying us together. Millennials in their normcore uniforms are joining forces and creating a new sense of belonging.

I believe that the millennial’s sense of belonging or need for a sense of belonging, has been expressed through fashion for a long time. Trends and bloggers dominate our buying habbits and over time we may have developed a ‘millennial uniform’ consisting of Adidas slippers, turtle necks and washed denim.

I always used to think that globalization meant that we had more fashion options to chose from. So in a way each of us became more unique by assembling our own little sense of style. Now however, I think we might have just become a bigger group of awkward teenagers desperate to fit in, and in doing so, copying the popular kids, disguised as hipsters, as much as we can.

What do you think? Does globalization give us a way of expressing ourselfs in new ways and thus does it make us more unique or does it kill a unique sense of style by over-generalizing fashion?

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