This week was pretty hectic. I, once again, had too many plans and too little week. Luckily, I got myself some new, bits which made rushing from one place to another a little bit easier. And a lot more fun! Meet my boots and fedora.

I decided to go for a classic, but practical combo. It’s one of those ‘I look good, but don’t have to try hard to do so. And yes, I will walk these 10 miles to and fro the train station, because I forgot the keys to my bike and oh sh*t it’s still there.’ Oh well, I guess there’s no day like tomorrow to slip these comfy Bronx boots back on and make my way down there again.

I combined my new boots with some Topshop ripped Jamie jeans. I thought they complimented the boot’s edginess. To tone the whole look down, I threw on a classic striped button down from Lola & Liza.

To make the look autumn-proof, I added my grey coat  and an mustard scarf, both from Zara. Finally, to keep my ears warm and to shield my mascara from the rain, I topped the look off with a classic black fedora from H&M. I’m not much of a hat wearer. – They tend to be too big for my tiny little head. – But I can see this one becoming a fall staple from now on.


Boots – Bronx

Jeans – Topshop

Blouse – Lola & Liza

Coat – Zara

Scarf – Zara

Fedora – H&M


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So perf, I love your style so much and it’s always a pleasure to discover your new posts!


Aw, thank you! Love your posts as well! 🙂

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