Healthy Breakfast Recipe

Spring is upon us and along with it, the healthy diet craze. I have never been one for dieting, but I do enjoy trying new things at this time of the year. Recently, one of those new things has come in the form of a delicious breakfast combo. Since, you might want to start your … Continue Reading

Why It’s Ok To Want A “Summer Body”

A while ago, I wrote a blogpost on how I was planning on getting fit. Just like many others, I decided to set my mind on a “summer body”. And a lot of people were rightly disgusted by this expression. I was bombarded with comments and messages saying “You already are fit!” and “There is no … Continue Reading

Saving Nature with our Delicate Flowers | Menstrual Cups

Ooh. It’s finally time to talk vaginas on this blog. I have been wanting to touch on the subject of menstrual cups and other sustainable period products for a while now. But, this being a personal blog, I can’t talk about something I haven’t experienced myself. So, about two months ago, I purchased a menstrual cup. This … Continue Reading

At Home Workout Routine | Core

Skip feeling uncomfortable and out of shape in the gym and start your workouts at home. Build body confidence from your comfort zone and make your way to the gym when you are ready for some new challenges. I will upload three workout routines which gave me the confidence to head to a gym again. This … Continue Reading

The Importance of Taking a Break

Hello there, lovely people of the internet! You may have noticed my near absence lately. Don’t worry, I’m still alive over here. I just needed a little semi-break. I’m not very good at taking breaks. So, you know, baby steps.