As I am dedicating Summer 2017 to earning money and not going as crazy in the travel department as I did last year, I have made the decision to dedicate the free time I have to exploring my own country. This far, I have planned only one (and a half) international trips. So, why not try and find pretty places right here in Belgium and save up for next year?

This week, I found myself in Leuven. I was accompanying my mother to a check-up at the university hospital and decided to wander off for a while. I ended up at Leuven’s botanical garden. Afterwards, I learned from a friend that the garden is actually a fave amongst students when the weather is behaving. Luckily for me, however, there was a constant drizzle of rain and almost all students had gone home for the summer. So, I had the pretty looking, deliciously smelling garden all to myself. Hence the fact that I had the courage to take a few pictures!

I have been intrigued by this idea of being a tourist in your own country for a while now. I don’t tend to live by my country’s ‘tourist op eigen bodem‘-mentality (tr: tourist on own soil). This often leads to awkward conversations with foreigners talking about all my country’s main tourist attractions, while I just stand there all ‘I’m sure it’s super fun… No, I have never been… Yes, I should go and have a look sometime. Ok, Bye.’

This year, I’m doing the looking! With very little money in my purse, a train pass and a student discount card I can probably only use for one more year, I’m taking my country by storm! Or by another wet Belgian drizzle.

Do you enjoy wandering around your own neighbourhood or do you need a plain ticket and a tour guide to spark your interest?


White shirt – Primark

Mom jeans – Pull & Bear

Shoes – Converse

Leather bag – Topshop


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Ik wist stiekem niet dat er in Leuven zo’n mooie tuin was! Leuk idee voor een dagje weg.

Thanks for the tip. 🙂


Ja! Het is er ook super gezellig 🙂 Veel plezier en graag gedaan!

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