Surprise! I’m coming to you with an extra OOTW this week. I was wearing this casual outfit yesterday. It’s so effortlessly cool that I couldn’t help taking a few photos for Instagram and now we’re here!

I just threw this outfit together as I had to hop put to print my history syllabus. Bleh I’m already sick of studying this after a day. The whole process of how the European Union came to be can’t seem to excite me. Luckily I felt a bit of joy as I got to take my new bag out for the first time. I got it in tied sales along with my ocher coat.

It’s probably a knock off from Zara’s patched bags, which are probably a knock off of a bag so expensive I don’t even dare to dream of it. Luckily that doesn’t affect how much I like it! I honestly don’t see why someone would even chose to put so much money towards a bag that is going to be out of style as soon as the winter sales are over. But, I digress.

Along with the bag, I wore the comfiest and warmest knit I ever owned on top of a classic pair of black jeans. To finish the outfit, I wore my trusty grey bobble hat, black leather jacket and studded western boots.

I do hope you enjoyed this extra blogpost. Good luck to all my fellow students out there!


Bag – Pimkie

Hat – H&M

Knitted sweater – H&M

Jeans – Levi’s

Leather Jacket

Boots – Bronx



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