Welcome to frivolousaffairs.com! I don’t know wether you’ve noticed, but if you take a look around you will notice that apart from the swanky new url, there is also a swanky new template going on. I spent the past weeks transferring the blog to this new corner of the internet. Do you like it here? Why don’t you make yourself at home? Have a look around. Take a seat. Maybe have a cup of coffee, or tea if that’s what you’re into. Comfortable? Ok, then. Let’s have a look at this week’s outfit.

This week’s outfit is all about new beginnings. When transferring my blog content from the old blog to this new one, I threw about two thirds out. Whilst browsing through all my old blogposts and photos, I couldn’t thinking about how out-dated most of these outfits were and how many of these clothes I had still hanging in my closet. So, yesterday, I got myself some big bags and started clearing out all the old stuff. What’s left is a small(er) collection of things I love to wear. The clothing pieces in there actually represent me and my style at this point in my life. It’s incredibly refreshing.

I feel like the big clear-out I did on this blog was the same in many ways. The old blog is full of beginner mistakes and represents a different time in my life. The Jana you find on there is the Jana that is still figuring herself out. She didn’t know how to take photos, nor how to code and present Jana was kind of sick of the old Jana all over her space. So she found herself a new one. Anyways, I’m going to stop being all mushy. I wanted an improved version of the blog. One that fitted my skill level and sense of style. So, I made it happen. For those of you who are scared that the old cringe-worthy content is gone for good: It isn’t. The old frivolousaffairsblog.blogspot.be is still live and can be revisited at any time. Go and have a laugh if you want to.

Product Info

Coat – Zara

Blouse – H&M

Trousers – H&M

Shoes – Claudia Ghizzani


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Proficiat meid! Ziet er top uit. ?❤️


Dankje Eveline! Super om te horen na zoveel werk :p

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