A series of exams, my new-found obsession with the Man Repeller and a serious case of retail therapy might have led to some new purchases. Say hi to these new babies: my very first pair of creeper sandals. They are white, loud and understated all at the same time. And yes, creeper sandals are pretty much jelly sandals for grown ups. Nothing wrong with a little 90s fever.

Initially, I was looking for some fresh summery flats and, idk, a pair of those classic Adidas shoes that have been popping up left right and center. You know, I was riding that trend wave. But then, I remembered the last time I decided to follow what the people around me were doing. And that had, pretty much, left me on the brink of depression. So, I decided to walk passed those normcore beauties and in to the arms of these pretty shoes.
(P.s.: I really think normcore and the millennial’s, so called, ‘identity crisis’ might be related. Will get back to you on that.)

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