Hello there, lovely people of the internet! You may have noticed my near absence lately. Don’t worry, I’m still alive over here. I just needed a little semi-break. I’m not very good at taking breaks. So, you know, baby steps.

The main reason that I took some time for myself was my content. I noticed it was getting weaker by the week and I had to do something  about it. A girl can only write a bad updated every day makeup routine once before alarm bells have to start ringing. So I stepped on the breaks and went back to the drawing board. The result? Some exciting new post, and even video, ideas!

Luckily, not only my creativity benefited from this break. I also started spending more time on myself in other parts of my life. I finally have got a steady work out routine down. An update and some tips are coming your way soon!

Another big thing I started putting more time towards is culture. I’m someone who loves getting lost in books and museums. Sadly, I barely made contact with either one of those for over a year. Lately, however, I started buying magazines (and actually reading them) again and I even found myself at a few museums these past weeks. A few tips for my Belgian readers: MoMu’s new exhibition on Martin Margiela, Musée Magritte and the rest of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts are some must visits! This picture was actually taken on the rooftop café of the museum in Brussels.

See you next week!




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Respect Jana! Ff een break kan soms goed doen. Doe wat je graag doet!


Ben je al eens in het Museum Mayer Van den Bergh geweest? Hidden gem!


Neen! Bedankt voor de tip 🙂

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