Now we know the choker has made its way back to us from the nineties, but now its close relative has arrived as well. The neckerchief is back in all its glory. From the office to a festival, this accessory is fail-proof. Time to get sailor chic with this one. Ahoy captain.

The most obvious way to wear a neckerchief is, of course, around your neck. Now the temperatures are slowly rising, scarfs are being stored away and necks are being left bare. It’s the perfect time to delve into your grandma’s closet and look for that perfect neckerchief to spice up your outfit. That’s what I did and the one I choose ended up being from my great-grandmother! How crazy is that? 
Another way I like to use a neckerchief to spice up my outfit is by wrapping one around the handle of my handbag (River Island). I tend to buy simple bags, usually in grey or black. So, it’s fun to add a little something to them and have my bag be the more interesting part of my outfit.
And this is not where it ends. The possibilities are endless! You can wrap one around your wrist, put them in your hair as a bandana, spice up your pants by wearing one on your belt buckle. It’s unbelievable how versatile this little piece of fabric is.

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