Spring has officially sprung! And this means that my dark lipsticks get some time off and my lighter ones are taking over. Here are some nude options from the drugstore.

The own lips but better nude

When I don’t feel like having to be conscious of not smearing my lipstick all over my face, I use one of the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks (left). They are liquid lipsticks that dry matte. I already owned a bright red and a pinky nude, but they didn’t suite my skin tone very well. Luckily, they recently came out with some new shades and my perfect nude was one of them. It’s called Cool Brown (17). 

The pinky nude

Lately I’ve been loving a darker eye. My old black smudgy eye pencil has made its way back into my life. And this pinky nude is its perfect little comrade. This pinky nude softens up my look and makes it all come nicely together. My dark eyeliner gets its time to shine and I don’t scare every child away that crosses my path. The lipstick I’m wearing in this picture (middle) is Asia from Rimmel’s Lasting Finish line. It’s a creamy pinky nude that was made to last.

The dark nude

This is probably the lipstick I tend to grab the most. It has taken up full residency in my handbag as well as my schoolbag. It’s a dark nude and a perfect choice for those who want to make their way to a dark brown lipstick but aren’t quite there yet.

I wear this one with pretty much any makeup look. It’s dark enough to dress up a simply eye and subtle enough to complement a somewhat more daring eye look.

The one I’m wearing (right) is called Lasting Chestnut form Maybelline’s 14H Super Stay Line. It’s creamy as well as lasting. Ha, there seems to be a pattern going on! 

What is your favorite nude lipstick? Do you prefer drugstore or high end?


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