The search for a new pair of jeans is never an easy one. Combine that with long legs, wide hips and a tiny waist and it because pretty much impossible. Luckily after many shopping trips – poor me :p – I found two pairs that fit me like a glove. These are my perfect pairs of jeans and how I found them.

I needed two pairs of jeans: a simple blue denim and a high wasted black jean. After weeks of perusing all confection stores, I took my search to Maastricht. It’s a town right over the Dutch border and pretty much the place to be to buy shoes and pants. I left the confection stores behind and looked in somewhat more expensive stores. I started out in Men at Work. Unfortunately, they had a lot of statement pieces rather than the classic jeans I was looking for. After that I made my way to Levi’s where I was served by a girl who liked her own voice a lot more than her customer’s. So, safe to say, that was a bust as well.
Luckily, I found my perfect fit blue jean in the G-Star store. The staff was super nice, listening to what I was looking for and looking for pairs of jeans accordingly. They also sat my very tired mom down with a little something to drink. It’s always good to pamper the one with the bank card :p.
Anyways, back to the jeans. After trying many a pair, I choose 3301 Contour High Skinny in the size W28 L32. I usually go for measure of length 34, but the jeans were exceptionally long as they were so that wasn’t necessary. The jeans are mid waisted. They are exactly what I was looking for. A plain skinny mid waisted denim.


The next pair of jeans I bought, well actually a lovely friend did, at Levi’s. Despite the constant screaming in my ear by the girl who was helping me in the store in Maastricht, I did manage to find I pair I liked. Sadly, they didn’t have them in black. I asked another shopping assistant to write down the jeans’ number and my size and I took it to another Levi’s store.
Sadly, the jean was not in the Hasselt store either and was out of stock completely. However, the shopping assistant called different stores all over the country and finally found my jeans in a store in Wijnegem shopping center. (That’s about a one-and-a-half-hour drive away!) And this is where the lovely friend comes in. J I used to go to college in Antwerp which is near Wijnegem. So I called a friend up and he was willing to go and pick it up for me! Thaaaaaanks Gieltje!
At last, I had my perfect pair of black jeans. I went for the Mile High Super Skinny jeans in black. The size I hot was W26 L34. The waist is high enough so I can wear my cropped tops and blouses, but it’s stretchy enough so they don’t hurt my stomach when sitting down. Now let’s hope they don’t lose form as quickly as my other black jeans did! J


Blue Jeans – G-STAR
Contour High Skinny (W28 L32)
Black Jeans – LEVI’S
Mile High Super Skinny jeans (W26L34)
Shirt – H&M

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