Yet another week has passed. This one, just as the other’s these past months, was packed. I started the week out in sunny Paris wearing dresses and shorts. However, when the weather turned a bit grey, I found myself in a somewhat classic smart outfit. My somewhat masculine fashion sense was satisfied, and so, I ended up wearing this combo to the Antwerp Fashion Festival fashion show.

This week, I went for a timeless look. I combined my three favourite colours: white grey and black, in a simple smart outfit. It made me feel at home in the streets of Paris and I held my own amongst the tutus, t-shirts and sneakers of the Antwerp Fashion Festival fashion show.



Since, I forgot to take any type of jacket with me to Paris, this outfit started out as a classic white blouse and black pants combo. However, after an hour of walking in the rain, I had about enough. So, I made my way down the Champs-Elysées, hopped into H&M and purchased one of their classic grey blazers. It was the perfect addition to my, already, classics-heavy outfit.



On my last day in Paris, I bought myself this darling little backpack. I had had my eye on it ever since I was in London for Summer in the City. You can’t imagine how excited I was to see a little Topshop section in the Marais! There may have been some screaming…






Blazer – H&M
White top – Mango
Black pants – Levi’s
Backpack – Topshop
Shoes – Tango Shoes
Glasses – Carrera



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