Almost two weeks ago, I decided to start a vegan diet. I had been toying with the idea of becoming vegetarian for a while, but after doing some research on veganism and what it stands for, I decided to just go all in. No animals and no animal products. Whatsoever. This is how it’s going this far.

I’d be lying if I told you that I wasn’t still in the honeymoon phase where everything vegan is new and exciting. I’m teaching myself how to eat all over again. I feel like a little child, exploring new foods and tastes. 

Even though this phase brings along new fun things to discover, it can be hard sometimes as well. With every meal you prepare, you are learning something new. Nothing is straight forward anymore. This makes it pretty difficult to find the energy to cook a meal after a long day at work. However, I am sure that once the novelty wears off, things will start to flow better as I get used to this new way of preparing food.



For now, there is one big driving force making me go as vegan as possible for as long as possible: CURIOSITY. There are so many documentaries on veganism. Many are for it, others are completely against this way of eating and living. So, not being able to find wether a vegan diet is actually healthier than a standard western diet, I decided to find out for myself. In a month’s time I will go to my doctor for a blood test and we’ll see what the outcome is then!

Aside from curiosity there are of course other reasons why I decided to go vegan. I have about three in total. The first is the planet.  The meat and dairy industry is the single biggest polluter in the world. This means that by refusing to eat meat and other animal products, you are having an incredibly big impact on climate change. For me this is important since I have cared for our planet for my entire life, however this is the first time that I feel like what I am doing to help the environment is actually having a substantial impact.

“You are having an incredibly big impact on climate change.”

The second reason why I choose to go vegan is the animals. Learning more about the meat and dairy industry, it became increasingly harder to ignore the harm that is being done to helpless animals in these industries. No matter how free range a chicken is. At the end of the day it is still being killed for meals we don’t need.

My third main reason is my health. I haven’t cared for meat for a while now. However, since I never made the mental click to go vegetarian or vegan, I never really substituted the nutrients I was supposed to be getting from animal products. Because of this, I ended up feeling a lot better by making the transition. I also was noticing that I hadn’t been tolerating (cow’s)milk recently. By leaving this out and swapping it for other options, I again noticed an improvement in the way I was physically feeling. Throw in an abundance of fruit and veggies and you have got a whole new Jana full of energy and well flowing poo!

What do you think of veganism? Do you think it’s a better way of eating than the standard western diet? Do you have experience with a vegan diet? Let me know in the comments!



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Hey Jana!
Zo goed dat je de stap hebt gemaakt. Ik ben nu een jaar vegan en het is de beste beslissing die ik ooit gemaakt heb. Je leert zoveel nieuwe dingen en nieuwe mensen kennen! Als je inspiratie nodig hebt voor receptjes mag je me altijd sturen, of je kan Sofie Senden of Olivia Biermann opzoeken op YouTube. Good luck on your vegan journey!


Dag Jill! Ik merk het nu al 🙂 De vegan community is zo behulpzaam!! Iedereen wil gewoon samen slagen en dat doet zoveel op verleidelijke momentjes.. 😀


Interessant! Zelf probeer ik zoveel mogelijk veggie of toch pescetarisch te eten hoewel ik veel tegenstand krijg van thuis uit of vriendlief ?! Dierlijke producten eet ik wel nog want daar weet ik het fijne niet precies van van wat erachter geschuild gaat. Blijf zeker regelmatig hierover schrijven, want ik ben best benieuwd hoe het je vergaat!


Hey Julie! Ja ik ben ook de enige thuis/inde familie/op het werk/in mijn vriendengroep/… die veganistisch eet. Dat maakt het inderdaad niet echt gemakkelijk. Je moet altijd zelf zorgen dat je eten hebt klaarliggen. Je kan nooit gewoon even lui zijn. (Hoewel kebap falafel af en toe wel leuk is om af te halen. :p ) Als je meer wil weten over de dierlijke producten moet je echt eens de documentaires Cowspiracy en What the Health kijken. Die zijn nu op Netflix te zien. Deze leggen alles heel duidelijk uit en hebben mij helemaal overtuigd!

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