Being a tomboy by nature, I have never been one for dresses or skirts. The times I did wear one, it was mainly because of silly gender roles and a stupid will to fit in. This dungaree dress however complements my not so girly personality perfectly. It’s a plain black denim dress with a minimalist seventies feel. And I have been all about those seventies lately. Not the in your face floral print kind, but more so a dialed down minimal version. After all, I do have to brave the streets and stares of 2k16.

I love the freedom of this dress and the spring breeze brushing my legs whilst wearing it. The first thing I did, after putting the dress on for the first time, was run into the garden with my 2-year old niece. And let me tell you something, it’s a good thing this dress can take a hit. Because of the denim fabric its durable and the dark color makes it somewhat grass stain prove. Perfect for those sunny spring days.
Even though this piece generally feels like the perfect playsuit, it does dress me up and induces my life with just the right dose of ‘girly’ a tomboy needs. It’s the perfect dress! Wowowow. I had a little ‘Say yes to the dress’-moment going on there… Maybe not so tomboy after all.


New Look dress – H&M sweater – Bronx shoes

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