No chick lits or gossip magazines on the side of the pool this year. It’s time to change things up a little. Throw those damsel in destress and celeb nudes to the side, because this is what you should be reading this summer. 

The Foreign Magazine


Are you travelling to another country this summer? Try reading one of their magazines. I find it super interesting to see the cultural differences. Did you know French magazines are able to talk pages on end about décolleté skincare? By reading foreign magazines, you’ll also improve your language skills. Bonjour … uh … croissant…baguette!

The Coffee Table Book

You have probably been walking past this one all year long. It’s the book without story line. Perfect for browsing through whenever you feel like it. But then you never do. Why don’t you slip it into your beach bag this year? Your attention span’ll be lacking anyway with all dem hotties running around. 😉

The Fantasy Whirlwind

Now you’re on vacation and have nothing else to worry or think about, lose yourself in a fantasy book. Lose your sight of reality in a maze of plot twists, wizards and dragons.

The Long Lost Classic

How long has it been since you read a classic? Lit class in high school? Try reading one you are actually interested it in now. For fun. You can also ease into it with one of Penguin’s Little Black Classics.

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