Earlier this month, my mother and I hopped on a plane to Gran Canaria. For six days, we explored the island, its food and relaxed until we could no more. These are the activities I found worthy of a try during my stay in this Spanish paradise.



Gran Canaria is a beautiful place. It’s not for nothing that it is often referred to as a paradise on earth. Protected natural reserves make up about 40% of the island. So… go and explore it!




Or kite surf or wakeboard or jet ski or… it doesn’t matter, just get out on the ocean! You won’t regret it. Personally, after years of putting it off, I finally booked my first surf lessons. I liked it so much that I’m actually thinking of doing a surf/camp trip for next year! The surf school I went with is the Pro Surfing Company. I seriously recommend them since the instructors are competent and fun to be around. And, for all the bloggers out there, their shop is Instagram goals.



It’s easy to get caught up in the touristy beach stands and multilingual waiters. Make sure to look beyond that though. The island has a lot more to offer that you can’t see from your beach chair. So, hire a car (or book a tour if you can’t drive) and make your way into the mountains.

Don’t try to see everything by traveling small winding roads though. Yes, the views are amazing, but the large amount of hairpin curves quickly turn a sight seeing dream into a puke fest. Instead, take the highway around the island, dipping into the land whenever there is place you’d like to visit. Some of the places I found worthy of a stop are: Roque Nublo, San Bartolomé de Tirajana (quite place for lunch), Fataga, Degollada de La Yegua (viewpoint), Puerto Rico and Puerto De Mogan.



We actually booked this trip so we would be forced to do absolutely nothing for a week. Little did I know the island had so much to offer! Nonetheless, it is the perfect place to just sit your lazy bum down in the sand for hours on end and let the coconuts and watermelon come to you. A perfect place to do nothing? The Maspalomas Dunes! They are absolute hell during the day in the beaming sun, but go at night and they are the perfect relaxation spot to just sit and think for a while (see header photo).


P.s.: For more pictures, make sure to keep an eye on my Instagram or the grid on the bottom of this blog.


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