This week’s outfit was a difficult one to pin down. With the weather changing every minute resulting in several outfit changes a day, there were just too many to chose from! So, I decided to go for the one I was most excited for. Hello silver skirt and white creeper sandals!

This skirt is not just one of the most exciting clothing items I own. It also represents me finally finishing my first year of college. I had just gotten the good news and so we had something to celebrate. So, I got this skirt ¬†as a little victory present. And, let’s be real for a moment: this is definitely going to help me get excited to get out of bed and put on clothes for those early lectures that are still to come.
I just love how this skirt is two looks rolled up into one. Usually, I like to keep a more classic vibe and steer away from the two-in-one deals. This skirt, however, is just the right amount of funky to satisfy my needs. I get to be the modest girl with the knee length skirt and the daredevil at the same time.


Blouse – Mango
Skirt – Zara
Shoes – Mezura



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